Drop off your Dog/Cat

I'm so upset at the moment. More and more people think they can use us as a drop off station for their unwanted dogs/cats in front of our house.

Last week a pregnant pitbull girl got dropped off.
Alone last week we had 2 Drop Offs.

To all those people who think I can take care of all those unwanted pets are wrong.

If you want to drop off something, drop off dogfood to feed your animal. Is it to much money to buy 5 50lbs dogfood??? How do you think we do that? I have family and children, we are a working family and do not receive puplic help to support our family or our/your animals!!!

If you need to get "rid" off your animal, I'm more like happy to put a picture and details about your pet on my page, but be so fair to talk to me first, before you are coming here and dump your pet like trash. And under hard circumstances I will find a forsterhome for your pet! I know people who take in an animal for couple of weeks.

Come on people, get real!

And by the way, if I see you or an other abuser who take care of the animals like that, I will report you to the police and will file charges.

I'm so tired to clean up behind your dirt and take care off your unwanted trash!



Wintertime is coming and we do need some Dog Beds, covers, Dog Houses, Chains and so on.

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