Stop the dog fighting

We try to stop the dog fighting rings. If you see, hear about one or more of those people who abuse the dogs and train those dogs for the ring, contact us, please! Your name will not be named and you don't have to be afraid of those people/gangs.
If it is possible, try to get some pictures and send them to us. The pictures don't need to be clear. Pictures like the ones on this page are enough evidence to get the police/local rescue out there. 

Dogs like the ones in the pictures are badly abused and dangerous. You need to take action against those owners!
Sadly,....most of those dogs can't be safed, but they will be rescued from their pain. In most of those cases they have puppies lined up somewhere on the property and those pups are the ones that can / will be safed. Give them a chance of a lifetime and stop the owners.

Do think about you and your family, dogs like that can break out, get in your yard and can KILL you or one of your love ones.

One of our Fighting dogs was Peace aka Rambo, he found a loving home in TN.
This pictures from Peace shows how the Fighters coming to our station and what does people do to those pore Souls.


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Comment posted by Best christmas shopping coupons( ), 12/22/2017 at 10:48am (UTC):
Dogs are simply love. The rescue and protection you have given to this dog is highly appreciable. I want to pay you a salute and recommend you to feed him with best and healthy food so that he will recover soon.

Comment posted by lena( ), 12/22/2017 at 10:37am (UTC):

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