Open for Adoption- Dogs


Pearly is cicra 5 weeks old and got dropped off last week. She got her first puppy shots, is dewormed and need to be spayed in future. She is an loving little thing and get along with all the cats and dogs. She started already her leash and houstraining, but still need puppy attention, what is normal for a puppy in this age. She is one Purina One Puppy food and start to eat with her big friends already meat. Please contact me if you are interested in Pearly.

YODA- Male

Yoda is a circa 10 week old puppy, rescued from his death. He was supposed to put down. He will receive his first set of shots in april, he is dewormed and flea/tick treated. We believe he is an schnauzer/terrier mix, but we cant be 100% certain by now. He get along with everybody and everyone. Love people, other dogs and cats. He is to young to be neutered, but it have to be done when he will reach the age 6 to 8 month.
Almost house trained.

Yoda is a Irish Wolfshound Mix



Shakey is an almost a 2 yrs old Great Dane Female Mix. She is spayed and got her 3 yrs. shots already. Shakey love to be around people, other dogs and cats. She is a loving dog and will be a middle size female. Shakey will be strikltly adopted out to a inside loving home.
House trained and leash trained.



Lil Man is a 2 yr. old Labrador and he is a sweetheart. He have his first sets of shots already and will receive the final 3 yr. shot in April. He will be neutered in April also.  Lil Man is a typical Labrador and he is perfect for training. He is very protective to his family, love children and be perfect for a family with children. He know his basic commands and it would be great if he can go to a new house with a big backyard. He love to be around people and other dogs, he want to run and he want his daily training with him. Lil Man enjoy a nice daily training. Of course he is house trained and Leash trained.



Destiny is the sister from Shakey and is handicap, she do had an broken back and a bad back leg. She got born in this condition. She is living a normal life like all the other dog, she is playful and without pain right now. She do have to been receive X-Ray in the age of 18 to 24 month. 
Of course she is spayed and do have her 3yr. shot.
Destiny is open for Adoption to special conditions. That means, the new owner would have to agree to do all Vet Visit and take very care of our girl.
She loves people and will be striktly adopted out to an loving inside home. She do love Children, but I would love to give her to a family without or older Children.


Cookie is a young Pit Mix Female, she got left behind in an house when the privious owner moved out. She is a sweetheart, love humans, other dogs and cats. Of course is she spayed and got her 3yrs shots. She is HW negative and need a lifetime home.
Cookie is a jumper, she can jump an 6ft fence and need to be leashed on if she is outside. She is housetrained and will be striklty going to an inside lifetime home!
Right now she is in an lovely forster home.

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