PLEASE SPAY/NEUTER YOUR PET. We use the following clinic to spay and neuter our animal. They are great people and very affordable. Please check it out

Animal Protection Association



_ _________________________________________ Copy from the namend Webpage:
Animal Protection Association
Our 501(c)3 spay and neuter clinic provides affordable spay and neuter services to Memphis and surrounding areas in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.
Surgeries by Appointment only.
Call us at (901) 324-3202 to schedule.
854 Goodman Street Memphis, TN 38111 Directions -------------------------------------------------------
Did you know?
2 dogs can create up to 12,288 family members in only 5 years!
2 cats can create up to 11,801 family members in only 5 years!

Benefits from Spaying of Female Dogs & Cats:
- Will Not Have a Heat Cycle
- Will Not Have Puppies/Kittens
- Will Not Affect Protectiveness or Hunting Ability
- Lessens Tendency to Fight with Other Animals
- Will Not Get Ovarian or Uterine Cancer
- Will Not Have Dangerous Uterine Infections

Benefits from Neutering of Male Dogs & Cats
- Will Not Be Able to Reproduce
- Will Not Mark Territory by Urinating or Spraying
- Will Reduce Aggressive Behaviors that Stem from Sexual Behaviors
- Will Be Less Likely to Roam and Get into Fights
- Will Not Affect Protectiveness or Hunting Ability
- Will Not Get Testicular Cancer
- Reduces Incidence of Prostate Inflammation
- Will Reduce Inappropriate Behaviors, like “Humping” on Humans


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