Open for Adoption-CATS


Chicci is an circa 1 yr. old cat. She were starving the death when she came to our station. She loves to be around people, cats & dogs. She need a lot of love and is the perfect inside cat, very selten she want to go outside. Perfect House Cat and she will be striktly adopted out to an inside home.
She is dewormed, spayed and got the 3yr. shots.




Missy will receive all her shots and will be spayed in April. We do have an pending adoption on Missy



ASHLEY & her 3 Kittens

Ashley got dropped off with her 3 newborn kitten. All 4 of them will be open for Adoption very soon...aprox. in the next 3 to 4 weeks. We would like to take Adoption Request already. Before they leave our Station- Ashley will be spayed and will receive her shots. The Kittens will receive the first sets of shots soon and will have to be spayed/neutered in the age of 6 to 8 month.  If you want to adopt a kitten, you will have to agree to let them fix and give them the final shots. We be more like happy to take them to our Vet soon they are ready to go in surgery. 



Ren is a young cat circa 12 to 18 old. She love to be inside and just will go out with her people. She will be fixed and will receive her shot end of April. She get along with other cats and dogs just fine. If you would like to adopt her already, let us now, please. We still would take her down to our Vet to let her be spayed or you could take her home already and let your Vet take of her or would drop her off by us and we would let her fix/shots for you. She is in nature a very pretty cat, the picture don't do her justice!




Hersherl is a circa 3 yr. old female. She still need to receive her shot and still need to be spayed. She is pregnant and got dropped off this month. We do take Adoption Request about Hersherl and her unborn kitten. It is to late for a aportion for Hersherl.



Frieda is a circa 3 yr. old female cat and is a sweetheart. She love to be around people, children, cats and dogs. She need a lot of love and attention. She will be fixed and will receive her shots in May. She got dropped off with her 5 babies. Previous owners could not take care of her and her kittens. We will do take adoption request for Frieda and her kittens already.


Boots is a circa 2 yr. old cat, she was a born in a shed and we took her in when she was ca. 8 weeks old. She need a lifetime mixed inside/outside home. She loved cats and dogs. We could adopt her out, but by our Controll we found out that she wasn't proplerly taken care off and so we took her back home. The privious owner promised to spay her, but he never done so. She still need to be fixed.
We couldn't spayed her to now, because she came back to our staion full with worms and earmites. Right now she is in the Condition to go in surgery.


Cicil is a circa 2 to 3 yr. old male. He would be perfect for an good mix inside and outside. He is neutered and received his 3 yr. shots. He is love people, cats, dogs and children.

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